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It's all a conspiracy on the Culture Wars fall season finale! Barna and Ernabel discuss how conspiracy theorists would look at the WikiLeaks scandal and what the auction of Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin might really mean.
Plus, before this Christmas, find out what to get for a man who has everything.

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Barna & Ernabel talk thrillers with Joshua Corin, the author of "While Galileo Preys." Hear how a top notch suspense novel is born & what happens when the action on the page gets close to reality. Plus, the latest on the Bristol Palin "conspiracy" driving people to violence! And for all the Harry Potter fans, an invisible cloak is on the way... for real!

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Barna and Ernabel look at one of the most incendiary Culture Wars: The Death Penalty. Susan Kuklin, the author of "No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row," comes to discuss her research about teenagers setenced to die.

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Barna and Ernabel are rolling on the river. Guest Jessica DuLong, author of "My River Chronicles" joins the show to discuss how she went from a dot-com job to become one of the world's only female fireboat engineers aboard the historic fireboat John J. Harvey. Listen to this fascinating conversation about history and the future of work in a turbulent U.S. economy. And be sure and buy a copy of the award-winning book about life & history aboard a Hudson River fireboat!

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Barna and Ernabel will talk love, serial killers, and cultural stereotypes. Angela Choi, author of the new novel "Hello Kitty Must Die" joins them for a funny, frightening, and eye-opening discussion.

And, do you want your 11 year old daughter shaking her booty as a cheerleader? Plus, violence in anger management class!!

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Before the November elections are upon us, political analyst Nick Ragone joins Barna and Ernabel for some prognostication. Will there be a Republican landslide, and if so, how big? How will some of the more eccentric candidates fare?

Plus, is getting stalked by a crazed fan a true status symbol if you're a celebrity? Is there a threat of a shortage of quality pornography? And find out what can happen to you if you scare somebody to death, why you shouldn't waste your time writing poetry about stem cell research in California, and what the odds are that real alien UFOs have been buzzing the skies over New York City!

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Culture Wars 10-7-10

Culture Wars looks at cyber bullying from a college students perspective.

Roz "DJ Rozy Roz" Smith of WSPC's "This Dive" is our guest and she tells us what really goes on behind closed dorm room doors!


Plus, does the Naked Cowboy have a chance at the presidency in 2012? And what is really behind all those UFO sightings in China?

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Culture Wars 9-23-10

Ernabel and Barna are back for a new season!
Hear them talk to author Joelle Charbonneau about her new book, "Skating Around the Law," and how it's shaking up the world of the cozy mysteries.
Plus, pot ice cream, the Tea Party, and flaming bulls in Spain!

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Ending Our Season With Rock 'N' Roll!

Barna and Ernabel welcome guest Salman Ahmad, founder of Junoon, the most successful rock band in South Asia. Hear the discussion about art and music in the age of terrorism and check out his new book, "Rock 'N' Roll Jihad: A Rock Star's Revolution."

Plus, did an alien try and hijack a plane and what percent of people under 25 think it's ok to send text messages while having sex?

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Culture Wars 4-29-10

A culture war in Arizona! 
Barna and Ernabel welcome Arizona libertarian political advisor and activist Rick Biondi to discuss the new immigration law.  While more and more of the country is getting into the fray over the controversial new legislation, the former U.S. Senate candidate helps sort out the complex issues involved in illegal immigration.

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